Heal Anxiety & Depression Drug Free

“The Tree of Self-Esteem flourishes from love and acceptance of oneself, while the Tree of Self-Image dies from hatred, judging and comparison. Is depression robbing your garden of life itself?”

The Tree of Life invites you to let go of the self image, left, dead side of the tree and live on the right, green, growing self esteem side. You do this by applying TUL, total unconditional acceptance to yourself and others one choice at a time by living a self esteem affirming lifestyle.

Depression is a devastating condition that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. It affects the way a person thinks, eats and sleeps, and perhaps most critically, the way one feels about oneself. Depression is characterized by feelings of guilt or low self-worth, and is intrinsically related to one’s sense of self-esteem. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, every task is a chore, and the very joy of life is drained from our existence. Living with depression can feel like a heavy blanket that we just can’t seem to lift off of our heads.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability as measured by years lived with disability. It is the 4th leading contributor to the global burden of disease. In fact, the W.H.O. uses a scale to measure the devastating effects of depression that calculates “DALYs”, or “Disability Adjusted Life Years”. This is the sum of years of potential life lost due to premature mortality, and the years of productive life lost due to disability. This means that living with depression will literally rob you of your life, both in terms of years lived and the quality of life experienced during those years.


If you are living with depression, wouldn’t you like a way to take those years back? Would you like an alternative to a pharmaceutical existence, where your quality of life is tied continually to mood-altering medications that are both habit-forming and have substantial negative side-effects of their own? There is a way to deal with depression without accepting a reality of mind-numbing drug therapy as your only choice. You can deal with the underlying root cause of your depression. You can treat the emotional pain that feeds the sadness, and heal your pain at its source.

At The McGrane Global Centers we treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of depression. We don’t numb the pain you’re experiencing or apply “band-aids” to deep-rooted problems. We attack those problems at the soul level by taking you back to the experiences that blocked you mentally, emotionally and physically. We create an environment of TUL: Total Unconditional Love, which allows you to re-examine the hurts, the unmet needs, and the traumas of the past.

We start by creating a totally safe, loving environment where you are supported in your personal journey of healing. We facilitate a 3-stage process of helping you to Admit to yourself those things that you have done, or have allowed to be done to you that hold you back from being the special person you were created to be. Next, we help you to Accept responsibility for those things in your past and make corrections that allow you to take a different path than the one that has been leading you to bad feelings. Finally, you are able to Release the past, forgiving yourself and others, allowing yourself to experience life with a lightness and joy that was impossible with all of that unfinished business in your heart, mind and your life.

We’re not saying there is no place for medication in the treatment of depression. On the contrary, medication is a viable and oftentimes successful component of a depression treatment regime. However medication is not for everyone, and a treatment plan that fails to address the underlying emotional roots to depression can’t treat the whole person. We do. Because your experience at the McGrane Global Centers is just that: . There is no canned approach to treatment because no two people are alike. We treat YOU: Your experience, your problems, your experience your life. The healing that you get is whatever you need and allow. Make no mistake: we facilitate the healing, but you have to do the work. You have to be ready and committed to truly changing your life from the inside-out.

So, if you’re tired of living a half-life, bound by the chains of depression and melancholy, call or fill out this online form right now. There are customized treatment plans available, and monthly seminars that introduce you to the ground-breaking self-esteem development work of The McGrane Global Centers. Depression doesn’t have to rob you of one more day of your life. If you’re ready to experience true, lasting change, contact us today. Your life is waiting…

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    “I was depressed and didn’t know it. So much so I could not get out of bed. Now I feel great about myself, the deep depression is gone, when it tries to come back I know what to do about it faster and now love my life. My career success is exploding and I can handle it and am enjoying life again.”

     – Teri Werner

    “I don’t feel depressed any more and don’t want to die. Through your training, I learned the tools and how to deal with my painful past, put it behind me and live free. Thank you is not enough for the gift you have given me. Depression is a choice. Anyone wanting to be free make the choice and attend the seminar with the McGrane’s.” 

    – Mike Shober

    My “experience of the experience” at the McGrane Global Centers

    5-day seminar, “Move Into Your Greatness” is one I want to share with the world. I came to the seminar merely curious, knowing that I needed breakthroughs in several areas of my life yet not expecting they would come. I’d spent 37 years grappling with these problems and all the personal development work that I had done hadn’t liberated me. I wasn’t so much pessimistic (they are called “life-changing seminars”); I simply had no expectations. Who can afford to with deep-rooted pain?

    As I encountered my fellow attendees, I knew this was a special, powerful group of people. That was comforting. If a PhD is having problems like me, I can’t be such a wreck, right? This aspect of sharing with like-hearted people, people who were hurting just like me, gave me a deep connection to compassion. This safety net enveloped us all and allowed us to get in touch with our emotions.

    The environment that is created in the seminar is one of Total Unconditional Acceptance (TUA), and after being in the room for less than half a day, I felt the reality of this beautiful concept. Bill’s unique gifting allows him to make people comfortable dealing with, sharing, feeling deep feelings. We were all in tears within hours! This really surprised me, since I was feeling so “disconnected” when I arrived.

    The first day is intentionally long, raw and exposing. It is safe to say that we all felt shaken to the core by the end of it. Only the knowing that we were each digging towards the roots of our “cancers” kept us so willing to come back the next day. The work is not easy; it IS deeply transforming. If you stay with the pain, follow Bill’s instructions to BE with your feelings, to share your truth, amazing insights are unlocked. We KNOW the answers to most of our questions: we just have blinders on our hearts and minds. This process of purposely, consciously taking off your blinders of both heart and mind, allows you to set free those hang-ups that have kept us from our truth. It is liberating in the truest sense of the word.

    Many of these insights came to us in flashes of awareness. Like somebody removed the veil and we saw what was right in front of us all the time. Other insights came through practice, a method Bill calls “grounding”. We had to use the tools we were being given. Bill was strict about this! We had to address each other with respectful language, strong listening and affirming behavior. Very soon this became so important to all of us. We could see how different the reactions were when we listened first, talked second. When we affirmed the person we were speaking to, letting them know that we valued and respected their position and ideas. We asked permission before we doled out advice and allowed people room to have their own personal experiences. I knew after 5 days that I wanted to communicate like this with everyone. It feels awesome to make people feel good, and we have this opportunity every time we speak to someone. These communications tools were among the most valuable tools I took home, which is saying a lot.

    As the seminar progressed, each person in the intentionally small group got Bill’s individual attention and the group’s focus on their major life issues. Bill’s expertise in both the business world and with relationship coaching gives him a well-rounded perspective. Any issue in a person’s life, be it difficulties in your marriage or partnership, problems with your business growth and development, to issues of crippling self-esteem, are within Bill’s experience to treat and to eliminate. We do the work, make no mistake. But Bill shows us what to do and arms us with the tools and the confidence to do it.

    I have become a changed person since my experience at the “Move Into Your Greatness” seminar. My communications with people are so much richer, so much more heart-felt. I know that I am making people feel good, or at least not making them feel bad. The benefits that I am reaping just keep coming in. I have put long-standing issues with my family behind me, and exercise Total Unconditional Acceptance for myself and others. I have a new-found sense of purpose and destiny. I feel confident that I have the tools to create the relationships, the career and the life that I want. Hallelujah.

    Kim Ryan

    Depression Free