Move into greatness

"5 day Leadership Development Program Will Help You Attain the New and Better Life You Desire!"

"Move Into Your Greatness!"

Held in Florence, Kentucky

“Move Into Your Greatness!” is an intense, action-packed leadership development event. Each day, you’ll participate in short energizing self development sessions and practical, transformational exercises. Sometimes you’ll work on your own – at other times, you’ll work with a partner or in small groups.

A graduate said, “Attending your program gave me five to ten years of growth in just 5 days.”

Do you know deep down inside that you can be successful but you don’t know exactly how to get there?  Have you ever felt that despite your best efforts and actions you were moving further away from your goal instead of closer to it?  Ever wonder what is holding you back from being successful and how to put an end to it?  Would you like to get past all the fears, inhabitations, insecurities, procrastination and everything else that hold you back and Move Into Your Greatness?

If you can relate to any or all of the above frustrations, I have a solution for you today!  I am sharing this solution with you because just like you I have goals that I am on the way to achieving but sometimes I get stuck and need help.  Sometimes I need a push to help me breakthrough to the next level where I know I should be and know I can be with the right assistance.  I want to share with you the secrets I have learned that allow me to consistently stay on track and create the life I have always wanted.  Now you can too!

That is why I am personally inviting you to attend our Personal Mastery conference with me and only 7 other people called Move Into Your Greatness. I always say to be successful you need to:

> Be your whole & best self now
> Have great people skills
> Be able to ask the right questions to get what you want
> Maintain increased confidence & self esteem

My wife Linda McGrane and I run the McGrane Global Centers that will be putting on this conference.  We are masters at helping people get the tools and skills in these areas.  You may have heard about us from Tamara Lowe who conducts the Get Motivated seminars. Tamara has attended the Move Into Your Greatness seminar herself and says the McGrane’s are the best at what they do.

I am inviting you to join me for this once in a life time opportunity.

Space is limited and will go on a first come first serve basis, so act now.  If you want to achieve your goals this year, do what you need to do to now to make this happen!

Leadership development skills, you will also learn:

  • How to fire up yourself, your co-workers, family, and community!
  • Integrate the 17 skills of high achievers so success becomes nearly “automatic”
  • How to use the sequence of persuasion 
  • Identify personality skills and apply in-depth knowledge of human behavior, including building good communication skills
  • Implement the “Five Levels of Inquiry” to profoundly shift awareness

Your tuition is just $65 a contact hour and includes all materials, 5 lunches,
and 3 dinners. PLUS a one-year stay on track empowerment program with 6 hours of individual phone coaching to help you sharpen the tools you will have learned in the program and implement them in your life. Attending the 2 day Making It Happen program is a pre requisite.

Accommodations not included.

Schedule is

Day 1 – 8:15 AM to 10 PM with breaks for lunch and dinner together as a group.
Day 2 – 8:30 AM to as late as 7 PM.
Day 3 and 4, 8:30 AM to 10 PM, Day 5, 8:30 AM to 6 PM.

Once you register an email will be sent to you giving you hotels with special rates in the area.

The seminar is held in a nearby conference room just 2 minutes from all the hotels.

Have two or more attend and save $1,000.00 off each additional persons registration.

We guarantee results or your money back.

Get a deduction:

Check with your company and ask if they have a training budget for you to pay for your tuition. Your company will benefit from the skills you will bring back.  If you are self employed you can take it as a full business deduction for professional development.

Call for details and reservations: 859-384-6333 or email us

To Register on line now which includes the 5-Day Workshop + 6 Hours Phone Coaching following the Workshop

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Workshop + Coaching
5-Day Workshop + 6 Hours Phone Coaching following the Workshop

We offer an easy and secure payment plan so your tuition can be paid in installments, if you’d like to pay the tuition over time

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Bring a Friend Easy Installment Payments
You can bring a friend and your tuition can be paid in installments, if you’d like to pay the tuition over time.
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Move into greatness