Keynote Motivational Speaker

Bill McGrane

When it comes to selecting a guest motivational speaker that creates both tremendous impact and action, Bill McGrane and his powerful message quickly come to mind. Let Bill McGrane and McGrane Global Centers help your company or organization and its members to forever change for better!

Bill is known in the business as the Self-Esteem Speaker who captures, entertains, motivates and lifts before leaving his audience so inspired that many attest to incredible new, satisfying relationships and positive career results after hearing Bill speak. His message is truly that strong.

As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Bill pulls his unique presentation and content from more than 30 years of experience as President of the nationally known McGrane Global Centers for personal development and transformation. His top notch education in business, marketing, psychology, speech and communications creates the motivational speaker credibility for his audiences to focus on results gaining personal and professional power

Through Bill’s motivational speeches, audiences gain insight into invaluable people skills, management, productivity and team effectiveness from a unique Self-Esteem point of view. Bill is a full-time professional motivational speaker, inspirational seminar leader and consultant to a wide range of businesses and associations around the country. Since his universal message of self improvement, empowerment and personal development has such a wide appeal, health care, government, education, civic and social organizations have all called on Bill for help within their organizations and frequently ask him back again and again.

As inspiring as he is as a keynote motivational speaker to groups, Bill McGrane’s leadership is equally qualified in half day, up to five day inspirational seminars to help improve and build companies from the ground up. This is where he evaluates a business situation in-depth and applies his human resource background to the organization’s particular needs and concerns.

Motivational speaker Bill McGrane has given thousands of presentations to both large and small audiences. Bill will speak to your group as a keynote speaker or consult in a special motivational session designed specifically for your company or organization. In one hour or one day, your group will learn how to take charge of their lives both personally and professionally!

Inspirational & Motivational Speech Topics Include:

  • Just Ask! Success Can Be As Simple As Asking The Right Questions
  • Believe! Emotionally Equipping Yourself and Your Team For Success In
    Business and In Life
  • You Make the Difference
  • Making It Happen!
  • Self-Esteem – It’s your choice
  • Move Into Your Greatness!
  • Being a Company of Choice
  • Customized title and presentations

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