Powerful Partnership Audio Set 1 & 2


by Nicki Keohohou, Jan Deuber, Cheri & Mark Sample, Linda & Bill McGrane

CD 1 – Gaining Family Support 

  • Gain the support you desire from your spouse, partner and family.
  • Improve communications.
  • Discover what you can do to help your spouse/partner feel and be more successful.

CD 2 – Share With Your Partner & Family for Support 

  • Share this CD with your spouse and family to learn how to support you.
  • Spouses/partners and family will discover what they can do to help build a successful business.
  • Improve communications and resolve the conflicts that a business can have on a family.

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2-CD SET Shipped, 2-CD Set Download Version

1 review for Powerful Partnership Audio Set 1 & 2

  1. McGrane

    I like listening to these audio programs as I drive to clients which gives me ideas I can use immediately. David H

    Drive time is now my learning time and there are so many tips in these audios. Mary A

    You held my attention with concepts that made sense to me and they work. Chris P

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