The Art Of Asking Questions Audio Set


Is your communication getting you all the results your want?
Do you really want to find ways to enhance your persuasive skills?
If you could improve one aspect of your communications skills what would it be?
Is it possible that asking questions would make a difference?
This audio set will assure people want to speak with you.

  • Volume 1 – Know the five preliminaries to asking great questions
  • Volume 2 – How to ask safe, closed and open questions
  • Volume 3 – Asking interview and congruent questions
  • Volume 4 – The process of asking effective questions
  • Volume 5 – Live examples and stories of the art of asking questions
  • Volume 6 – Bonus – On the air interview with Bill McGrane (Approximate Running Time 45 minutes)
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1 review for The Art Of Asking Questions Audio Set

  1. McGrane

    Having both the book as a refrence and the audio to listen too made it much faster to apply the principles so I could communicate more effectively. DM

    This is a great resource that goes into great detail about the art of asking questions. By asking better and deeper questions, one can actually understand the hidden clues behind people’s behavior. Fascinating read! Dr. Chrys Ghiraldini, NYC

    I got this just in the nick of time… I’m about to make the meeting of my life sing with questions and questioning attitude, you see? If you never ask any questions and you’re never going to get any answers. OMG

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